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Environmental, Health & Safety – Help Chain Steps (Revised 7/13)


1)      If you have an EHS issue/concern, first go to your Group Leader (supervisor) to address your issue/concern.


2)      If your issue is not resolved by your supervisor, contact your Dept. Safety Rep., or Steward, so they can try to resolve your issue with the supervisor or take it one step above (Area Leader).


3)       If the issue is still not able to be resolved, then contact your Health & Safety Chairman or Vice Chairman to address with Area Leader, Business Manager and EHS Manager & Staff.


UAW Committee Members


Health & Safety Chairman:

Jose Valles – Plant Wide   Phone 216-513-8446


Vice Chairman:

Dan Leatherman – FSW


Department Safety Reps


Large Aero

                  CVW & FSW


Small Aero


Sandy Bulls

A Plt. Sonic  1st shift


Randy Stout

Maintenance 1st shift


Jesse Deel

A Plt. Elect. 3RD Shift


Terry Jackson

A Plt. Repair 2nd shift


Brent Gibson

A plant chip 2nd shift



            Dan Leatherman

                      FSW 1ST shift


                      Eric Knuckles

                      S-Plant  1st shift


                      Don Galloway

                      Elect. 2nd shift

                      Cell 330-257-9850


                      Doug Peko

                      FSW Electrician         

       2nd shift


                     Kerry  Goodwin

                     Janitor 1st shift



















Michelle Taylor

113 Chip & Trim 1st shift


Veronica Vallentine

116 Final 1st shift


Bob Zaucha, Jr.

Die Storage 3rd  shift


Rick Belkap

Millwright 1st shift


Marian Tabb

113 Chip & Trim 2nd shift


Rick Peck

Elect. 2nd shift

Cell 216-407-5842



Hot Inspector 1st shift            


Diane Bohl

 116 Final 2nd shift


Cleveland Works EHS Staff – Departmental Assignments



Departmental EHS SPA

Extension / Email / Radio

Valerie Topete

Plant-Wide EHS, Medical, Die Shop


Susan Geyer

LAIP, Boiler House, Thermal Team


Niki Chapin



Jen Punola

CVW, Logistics

Kelly Johnson

EHS Projects

Beth Zajkowski

Air, Water, Waste Water


Michelle Matejka

Waste, PCBs, Scrap Permits


Mark Uhrin


EHS Service Channel