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                                      Update 5-24-14


Respected members,


  Since my last report a lot has happened. I’m going to try and give you the high level report without getting into too many of the specifics. If you would like to know specifics please email or call me or join us at our monthly Union meeting on the third Sunday of every month. I would be more than happy to provide additional information as requested.


·         Year to date our injury status is thirteen (13) all injuries, five (5) total recordable, and eight (8) first aids.


·         We recently confirmed with the company that the emergency alarm in A plant is functioning properly. Soon the emergency alarms will be upgraded.


·         We have put a request in to the company to perform an emergency drill so all employees are aware of what that sounds like prior to a real emergency.


·         Recently OSHA was contacted anonymously, triggering an OSHA visit. The complaint was poor air quality in H plant. The OSHA inspector is to come back the week of the 26th of May to conduct air sampling test.


·         We have been jointly meeting with the company for three (3) weeks now on repairing replacing roof vent & air makeup units. Although you may not notice right away progress is being made. 71% of our roof vents are now working in H plant & 50% are working in A plant. CVW & FSW have not added recent data, still to come.


·          AFB or better known as SUGAR issue that we have been having for many years are now beginning to be addressed by the company. We recently had the manufacture rep. visit our plant to evaluate the use of this product. The recommendation was to get our ventilation working properly & our furnaces sealed so employees are not exposed to the vaporous chemicals. A commitment was made by the company to get a high level team together to address these & more issues in the near future.


·          Large Aero AC in the café is supposed to be up & functioning by end of next week. Parts are in and installation is being scheduled.


·         Large Aero truck doors that have been broken for awhile now are getting closer to getting repaired. Thankfully we can leave them open now without affecting employees. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.


·          Plant wide pot holes in and out of the plants. The company has communicated to us that on June 3rd thirty six (36) tons of blacktop are being delivered & they will be prioritizing areas to be patched.


·         Summer safety plan will be rolled out in June. Hopefully the company will do as in the past, by providing Gatorade & water on high temp days. Still not confirmed. Fans are to be cleaned as to prevent eye injuries as well as to give you an adequate airflow.


·         Fatality prevention issue in 104 die storage has been resolved by replacing most of the burnt out lighting fixtures with updated lighting fixtures to provide safe adequate lighting. 


·         The company is looking to replace expired leased out trucks with newer trucks. Details not clear yet.


·          Metatarsal guard safety footwear. Although in the past the company has paid all out of pocket cost to employees. Recently the H.R. manager has denied paying employees out of pocket cost to employees. If the company does not reconsider this decision we are looking at reinstating the 2013 policy grievance pertaining to out of pocket cost to employees & filing an OSHA complaint if necessary. Hopefully the company will reconsider and do the right thing by reimbursing employees all out of pocket cost to employees.


·         The companies EHS (environmental health & safety) manager is looking for new members to join the ERT (emergency response team) on all shift. If you are interested please contact the EHS manager.    


  I would like to thank all department safety reps. & all of you for being proactive and addressing EHS issues as they arise. We must continue to do this in order to remain safe. Remember the company is obligated to provide a safe working environment.


  In closing I want to also remind you to stay hydrated by drinking water frequently. Till my next report, have a safe day and enjoy your summer!!    


From Jose Valles & Your UAW Safety Committee

Till the next update!!!
UAW Local 1050                       
Health & Safety Chairman
Jose Valles
Have a Safe Day!!