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Presidentís Update



Brothers and Sisters of Local 1050,

What an awesome feeling to be in the unique position of being employed at over  a 100 year facility at Cleveland Works as we are at the elite (Top of the food chain) when it comes to profitability within the corporation of Arconic. For so many years we have been told as a Union that "the tail doesn't wag the dog" whenever we went to the Bargaining table with Alcoa/Arconic. We were constantly being told that we should feel lucky that we have employment at our facility and that they are barely breaking even as far as profitability. We were constantly road blocked at every opportunity we faced by the canned phrases of "our profit margin just isn't that good!" For some time now (a few years) we have made record breaking profits each month, quarter and year in Cleveland.  As most of you have learned over the past 24 months or so, we have been rumored to be sold/bought by various companies looking to turn a profit. Some have been Aerospace Businesses and some holding companies looking to turn a quick buck. We have been at capacity with our Aerospace business since last year and have been campaigning to have another Hydraulic Press built in Cleveland to make even more product at record pace for our customers. Our Wheels Business is nothing to shake a stick at either with record being shattered regularly.  There have been over 250 New Hires employed within the past 12 months and we have the first Skilled Trades Apprenticeship program in over 15 years. All the while we have all stepped up to face the challenges and have responded to every single obstacle with unprecedented results.


With resiliency and hard work by every Local 1050 Member, we have been successful in helping our communities, Retiree's and active Members. Our Women's Committee, Civil & Human Rights Committee. Veteran's Committee and our Community Service Committee have raised money, collected goods, volunteered time and touched many lives for those that needed it in many cases without being in the spot light. Our Members both active and retired always step up when someone is in need regardless of the situation. There are not enough words that can emulate the gratitude that our Committees do to help those in their most trying times.


As a matter of detailed information of rumors of being bought or sold, there isn't a whole lot of direct information that is shared with the Union however, if you do come to a Union Meeting, you will probably get a whole lot more information that we have to be careful to not put out publicly.


We were successful this year in having the opportunity to use a leave of absence for those production employees that request one for the 2019 shut down week instead of being mandated to use vacation time exclusively. We are in the process of having an election for an Election Committee at January's Union Meeting for the upcoming Triennial Election this spring as all of our Local 1050 Officers will be ending our current 3 year term. Retirees are encouraged to run for a position as we have changed our By-Laws to reflect that. We have three (3) Christmas Parties this year: one is our bowling with the Kids for Christmas, an adult Christmas Party and our Retiree Christmas Party. Our website has all of the details and more than likely, the parties will probably be over by the time you all get our Holiday Newspaper in the mail. We hope that 2019 will be even more successful as 2018 has been and make note that we are just about one year away from our February 2020 contract expiration. Be prepared and stay informed! Come to a Membership or Retiree Meeting.


On behalf of the Local 1050 Bargaining Committee and Executive Board, we would all like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!


In Solidarity,

Don Mohn

President, UAW Local 1050

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