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Dear  Member:


        Here is a helpful guide that will ensure that your time away from work and the stress that is associated with recovery can hopefully be minimized as you navigate the employer’s sick leave requirements. These are the basic steps that you should follow.


       Call Aetna directly at 1-866-326-1372.  


You can plan on being on the call with the Aetna Intake representative for at least 15 minutes.


       Please have available your doctor’s office, phone and fax number to provide to the intake representative.


       At the end of the call you will be provided a claim number. Please place this claim number on all documentation that you are sending to Aetna. You will receive forms in the mail that must be completed and returned to Aetna.


 I also would recommend that you fax the documentation into Aetna instead of mailing the documents. Aetna’s Fax 1-866-667-1987



·        After you have contacted Aetna, and initiated the disability claims process you must call the call off line to report your absence.


·        Alcoa Call off Line 1-888-425-8563.


·        If you work in Wheel’s you the  call off number is 1-866-402-3070


·        You must enter your pin which is the last 4 digits of your social security.


·         Please keep the call confirmation number that is provided when you call the call off line.


·        It is not necessary to call the call off line each day. They will give you the option of entering a date range ex: March 1 through April 2


·        Please call at least an hour prior to your shift start time. Please do this so that you do not receive a disciplinary action. See pg 78 of the contract under failure to call.



Please turn documentation into the medical dispensary prior to your 6 th day of absence.


The Medical dispensary can be reached at 216-641-4061

·        The Fax number for Medical dispensary is 216-641-4191


·        Once you receive a check or are notified by Aetna that your claim has been approved it will not be necessary to call the call off line. You will be placed in the HR extended leave system.


·        You receive no points, and are paid for an approved disability absence. You must also submit proof of your continued disability to Aetna.


·        If your doctor should extend your absence please send the updated medical documentation to Aetna, so that you will continue to receive pay. Please also fax a copy of your documentation to the medical dispensary. Ex: The doctor extends the original leave time.



·        The medical dispensary requires you to report to them on a monthly basis, please call them and set up the appointment. Some of our members are very ill, and cannot meet this requirement please contact the medical department as this provision may be waived subject to their discretion.


·        Please also note that if you are applying for a disability retirement, and have not been seen by the medical dispensary they cannot complete their portion of the disability paperwork.


* If you are dealing with a terminal illness you can have your doctor fax the information to the medical department.


·        You will be billed for your health care. You Must Pay the Premiums or Your Insurance will be cancelled.  This applies to all members in the Choices Plan design”, Choices memembers are basically new hire’s”



 If you are in the Master plan, the deduction for the health care payment will be withheld from your sickness and accident payment. If you receive worker’s comp, are in the flex spend account, or have a loan payment you must send in a payment to Alcoa.


·        Please contact the Alcoa Info line if you do not receive a bill or if you have questions about your bill. 1-888-252-6212


·        You may also make your payment online on the YBR site




To receive benefit payments, you must be totally disabled while you are covered under the plan, and remain under the care or treatment of a doctor on a continuing basis. 


If you have any questions after you initiate your disability absence claim, you may call: Aetna directly at 1-866-326-1372.

Aetna can be reached by Fax at 1-866-667-1987


Prior to Returning to Work:


·        Obtain a written release to return to work from your doctor, and

·        Call your local Medical Department to arrange for a return-to-work evaluation prior to the date you are scheduled to return. Take your doctor’s written release with you to this evaluation appointment.


The Medical dispensary can be reached at 216-641-4061

The Fax number for Medical dispensary is 216-641-4191


Please call me at 216-641-4627 if I may further assist you, or if you have any additional questions or concerns.



Kind Regards,

Shervon Redd

UAW Benefit Representative



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