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Brothers and Sisters of Local 1050,


In this update, I will attempt to explain to the newly hired members along with most of us that have been here for longer than every single Manager on the lot!


What the Hell is going on around here?


As we’ve sent numerous fliers/letters explaining what the company deems a job combination in the Press Room Department, there seems to be no answers to any of our/your questions from management.  It’s disturbing that the company would roll something out without bargaining the effects with the union only to have meetings with all of the members in the press room to tell them they will work through it and still not be able to answer any questions.


There were just job postings that were put up in the plant for openings in CVW. What the company has created was having most of the skilled members that can perform Hot Inspection along with running Utility in Aerospace bid on the openings. The downstream effects that they have created are apparent by losing all these skilled members to Wheels and having no expertise to perform these important productive and quality rolls in Aerospace. Wait until the company posts for the position in FSW (X&Y Plants) and how many members will apply to get paid more for being responsible for less because there are fewer jobs to learn.


The company kept preaching to the membership and union that the reason for the job combination was for “Flexibility” and “to keep the presses going up and down.” How well is that working out for them in Wheels? CVW has unprecedented down time because they have the run to fail philosophy.  If you happen to get a chance to look behind Y-Plant in FSW, take a look at how many pallets of unfinished wheels are stacked in the yard by the thousands. Ask some of the new hires how that’s working out for having them work mandatory weekends opposite what the Union bargained for with the Company prior to the start of 2014 and how much up time they have with limited experience?


We aren’t sure how far up the management ladder these types of Rocket Science decisions go but after finally having both Small and Large Aerospace along with Wheels booming to the point that we can’t make enough product, the many layers of management have determined that because of the Plant’s obvious success, they need to combine 27 jobs in the biggest department into 3. It would be a great idea to have the higher plant management be responsible for another location as well as Cleveland Works. I can’t imagine being in the conference room when the determination was to get rid of all supervisors and middle managers both production and maintenance and replace them with all new salary.


Let’s try and put all of the detrimental decisions that have implemented into perspective and try and come up with some rational of making this location more profitable.


1). Take the largest department like the press room and make everyone responsible for doing everyone else’s job. Just implement it and we’ll figure it out as we go along.


2).We have 8 Janitors covering the entire Cleveland works Plant. Let’s hire a contractor to clean bldg. 118 and re-distribute the 8 same Janitors throughout the lot and pay the extra cost to have a contractor perform janitor work in Bldg. 118. It’s a huge cost savings! Alcoa Accounting 101!

3). How about this one…let’s get rid of the Stores and Receiving Department by not repopulating the classification because of attrition. Take a FMS employee and make them perform what was once performed by a Stores and Receiving Clerk.  Wait! I have an even better idea! You are really gonna love this one…why don’t we take a Millwright making about $25.00/hour and have him perform the truck driving responsibility of unloading the trucks of product we order and have him deliver it to the appropriate areas that order the items instead of having someone making $19.00/hour that has this in their job description as a Stores and Receiving Clerk then we will contract out Millwright work at $73.00/hour to compensate for the Millwright to deliver items from Blackhawk. That’s a gianormous savings!


4). What if instead of fixing the problem that may shut down FSW because of the in line production sort of assembly line, what if we OFF-Load the partially finished wheels and stack them in the paved areas behind X&Y Plant until we have the issue fixed then continue. We’ll finish the unfinished wheels later. Besides, the employees in Bldg. 53 can look out of their windows and see how much work it looks like we are doing by implying that we are making more wheels than we really are. It’s a win win!


5). How about not replacing any/all of our Skilled Trades? By not paying our trades a burden rate of $52.00/Hour, we can have an outside contractor come on the lot during the week or weekends and perform day to day maintenance for the deal of the century discounted rate of $73.00/Hour! We will actually pay $21.00 more an hour to not hire more crafts therefore saving the company money. For those of you still following along, that would be Alcoa Accounting 201!


I go back to my original statement…What the hell is going on around here?


I can assure you that the Union is doing everything in our power to address every infraction that has been insurmountable with these above mentioned bone head decisions. This is our plant too and we don’t want to see it fail but the decisions that are being made to run this business out of business while everyone gets promoted and replaced by other industry followers with no Forging experience has got to stop! The Union has filed numerous grievances to protect out rights and jobs for now and in the future. We have numerous information requests that have gone unanswered by the company that have forced us to file numerous NLRB charges. We have contacted the International Union to inform them of the countless contractual violation ALONG WITH THE Failure to Bargain and Unilateral Implementation without bargaining the effects regarding Seniority, Shift Preference, Layoffs, recalls, bidding and pay. We do have a newly appointed International Servicing Representative out of Region 2B that will take effect August 1, 2014.


We can only ask all of you to please stay safe as best as you can, keep your cool and please look out for your fellow co-worker. These are extremely difficult times and moral is no doubt at an all time low. We can’t explain what’s going on around here as neither can your supervisors. This will take lots of time to hopefully not have this plant loose too much business because of these decisions by management and know that we will all be here to clean up the mess when they’ve all moved on to bigger and better places.


As of this writing, there is no new update as to the much awaited remedy answer regarding our Breaks and Clean-Up Arbitration decision. As last reported, there was a deadline for both the Union and company of July 3, 2014 to submit closing briefs as to each side’s position on the remedy as the arbitration financial remedy. There is no other time limit on when this answer will come but rest assured when we hear something, we will certainly communicate.


In solidarity,

 Don Mohn

Don Mohn

UAW Local 1050 President

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