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Local 1050 Update


Voluntary Separation Package

Brothers and Sisters of local 1050,

The company is offering a “Buyout” package in order to eliminate targeted classifications that the company labels “indirect labor” that includes: Millwrights, Electricians, Die Shop, Tool Makers, Facility Maintenance Specialist (FMS), Janitors and Metal Room.

The Bargaining Committee attempted to bargain a fair package to include incentives as a more attractive package in order for the company to attain their goal of 62 packages. The Bargaining Committee proposed more Lump Sum Dollars, more per year of service dollars, all other classifications on the lot to be included, higher pension dollars per pension factor and all or part of the lump sum payment can be deferred to the employee’s 401K plan in order to limit higher tax burdens. The only movement from the company was to offer $10,000.00 Lump Sum + $400.00 per each full year of service from their original proposal of $10K + $350.

It is worth mentioning that the Union pleaded with the company that they won’t even come close to their goal of 62 employees by less than 10% of that goal based on the limited amount being offered. It is the Union’s obligation to at least get what we can for those that may be interested in the Package but it is disheartening that we were unable to negotiate a more acceptable offer and to all  classifications.

As an example, if you have 30 years and are thinking about retirement, would you give up a $50,000.00 +a year job for $22, 000.00?

The company will be putting out a communication very shortly targeted to those that may be interested in this Voluntary Separation Package.

On a separate note: The Union and company as of last Friday 4/17/15 have supplied post hearing briefs to the Arbitrator on what remedy for the Breaks and Cleanup Arbitration decision each side believes should be the monetary amount. Both sides are at least $5 million apart. There is no time table on when the Arbitrator will once again make his determination but certainly when we do get confirmation, we will communicate to you all.



In solidarity,

 Don Mohn

Don Mohn

UAW Local 1050 President

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