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Brothers and sisters of Local 1050,



There are numerous issues/topics that I will attempt to communicate as to where we are with the company and Union:


         Breaks and clean-up- We were told at the end of February that the International Union, Alcoa Corporate and the Arbitrator were to meet to finally move forward on a remedy for the Breaks and Clean-up award. Unfortunately after exchanging numerous dates for availability, the company was not able to meet any of the dates that the Union and Arbitrator had available. We were just told that this meeting will not be happening until mid June because of all of Alcoa Corporate resources will be bargaining with the Steelworkers contracts that expire May 15, 2014. So there you go another stall tactic.

         AWS & Job combinations-The Company met with the International Union and the Bargaining Committee on 2/25/14 and proposed job combinations and an Alternative Work Schedule in order to produce more Truck Wheels in the CVW business. The Union is obligated to meet with the company for any and all proposals and have recently submitted a response. At the present time, thatís about all I can report. We have heard you all loud and clear when it comes to Alternative Work Schedules but we are obligated to at least see if there are contractual resolutions in order to accomplish the very simple fact of producing more wheels with the equipment that is intact.

         The Bargaining Committee is still trying to get both IPS screening dates for grievances that are slated to Arbitration as well as Arbitration dates to hear them.

         The next 3rd step grievance hearings are slated to be heard in June.

         The 36th Delegate to the Constitutional Convention election will happen on May 1, 2014. The voting booths will be open from 5:00AM thru 5:00PM. You will be able to vote either in the 118 cafeteria, the A-Plant Cafeteria or the Union Hall. Good Luck to all of the candidates!

         We will be having our annual Workerís Memorial Day moment of silence before each shift and a small ceremony in front of Bldg. 118 at the flag poles. This will occur between 11:00AM and 11:30AM. The UAW Health & Safety Committee as well as the UAW Veteranís Committee will be working in conjunction to make this a successful event and memorial.

         The Veteranís Committee led by Brother Reg Childs has worked with the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Ohio to distribute poppyís for donations. The memorial poppy is a personal tribute to those that gave their lives for our country and honors our living veterans. These specific donations would all go for distributing items that would have to be purchased at the Wade Park Veterans hospital during their stay. These ladies will be standing at gates 5 &6 on Friday, May 16, 2014.

         We have a Union Meeting on April 27, 2014 that was pushed back because of the third Sunday falling on Easter Sunday.

         It is with great sadness that we report the passing of ex President and retiree Don Slaughter. Don was an avid Union representative and passionate of the Union cause. Please keep Don and his family in your prayers.



In solidarity,

 Don Mohn

Don Mohn

UAW Local 1050 President

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