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Brothers and Sisters of Local 1050,


Effective on Monday 9/15/14, the company notified the Union of its intent to once again move forward with Press Room Classification Combinations. The Bargaining Committee was able to convince the company to reconsider their original plan to combine all classifications in the Press Room to a chosen few. We were unsuccessful in convincing the company to not combine the Hot Inspector classification as well as combining the Mechanical Department with the Hammer Shop classifications. We have our grievance procedure along with our many information requests unanswered by the company.  We still have numerous National Labor Relations Board charges for unilaterally implementation of the combinations and not providing information for true bargaining. Coincidently, after the Press Room takes their Global Voices Survey presumably this week, there will be a meeting that will be scheduled by management to “explain” the new changes to the Press Room Department.

            Most of the Production Trainee’s are finished with their 90 working day probation period and are being classified when deemed a clear and open vacancy by exhausting the bidding procedure. At the end of the 90 days there seemed to be a rash of Production Trainee’s dropping like flies. Those of you that have made it…congratulations!

            As of today’s date, we still haven’t heard any information pertaining to the Arbitrators decision for the financial remedy on the breaks and clean-up eliminations. As communicated in earlier information, there is no definitive date or deadline for how long the arbitrator can take to answer this final piece of the puzzle. Once the answer of back pay from 2010, interest and going forward compensation is awarded (assuming there’s an award), we will obviously communicate to you all.

            We have two dates for 3rd step grievance hearings scheduled for October 29 & 30. We still have requests for some Arbitration dates to hear some of our outstanding grievances that have been denied at the 3rd step level of the grievance procedure.

            We will be receiving our wage increases of 2-1/2% effective September 29, 2014. We will have postings put up throughout the plants of our new structure.

            We will be starting up our Union Meetings beginning this month. As a rule of thumb, our Union Meetings are every 3rd Sunday of the month starting at 10:30AM. Please bring a co-worker and we appreciate your support in moving this Local Union forward in the right direction.


In solidarity,

 Don Mohn

Don Mohn

UAW Local 1050 President

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