James "Gappy" Burney

 Vice President




                      Vice President Report


 Vice Presidentís Update



Brotherís and Sisters, fortunately there has not been a lot to report. Usally when we have to report, something is brewing.

So far since our 2017 contract negotiations, things have been pretty quiet with the exception of some discussions and solutions as to handling our need to run the press room as a 24/7 operation.

The problem of having so much work is a good problem and has allowed for our membership to grow and for the much anticipated and needed apprenticeship program to be launched.

While also coming up with ways to keep the press room running without violating the C.B.A. So far, so good.

We welcome  our new Brotherís and Sisterís and wish them luck and safety in their roles in this great Local.

There are a lot of new investments being made to the facility along with an anticipated addition of another Hydraulic press hopefully within the next year or so.

Businesses on both Aerospace and Wheels end seem to be full for a good long time now.

Union meetings are cancelled for the summer by approval of the membership due to all the vacations and such. But please feel free to reach out to any elected official or committee members if there are any questions. Thatís for our new members as well as our veteran members. Please be safe and watch out for each other and remember, if you think something is unsafe or youre just not sure, stop and ask for help.

Have A GREAT SUMMER and keep looking out for one another!

In Solidarity,

James ďGappyĒ Burney

James V. Burney

Vice President UAW Local 1050